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Life & Family Support

Life and Family Services (LFS), Inc. is an accessible service provider valuing human life, beginning at conception. LFS encourages an improved quality of life for children, parents, and families to promote the development of self-supporting, contributing members of the community.

A nonprofit organization, LFS is dedicated to serving families in the communities of Noble County, Indiana. For over 30 years, the LFS Board of Directors, staff, and volunteers have been committed to helping young families take healthy steps toward better parenting and daily living choices. They provide accurate information to women facing unplanned pregnancies, wanting to know their pregnancy options, and needing pregnancy and parenting information. Their care is non-judgmental, compassionate and confidential.

For parents expecting a child or raising young children, LFS also provides motivation to meet children's material needs by earning BABE vouchers from numerous physicians and health and social service agencies in Noble County. Vouchers can be earned through opportunities available at our offices, as well. They can "purchase" items such as diapers, cribs, car seats, clothing etc. at our BABE Stores with their BABE vouchers.

Learn more at the Life & Family Services website.


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