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Noble County has long been a destination for outdoor enthusiasts who relish the 117 lakes that dot the region. Settlers came here for the rich soils formed by pre-historic glacial drift, with average depths of about 400 feet. While agriculture continues to be important as a way of life in Noble County, the region's location in the Crossroads of America, midway between Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, and Indianapolis, has brought major industries to the region as well.

Northeast Indiana's close proximity to Detroit, known as the world's automotive capital in the 20th century, led to Noble County's industrial growth. Today, Noble County ranks fourth in the nation for highest concentration of employment in manufacturing. Here, nearly 40% of all workers hold jobs in the manufacturing sector. Anchor employers including Kraft Heinz, Bosch, and Dexter are outnumbered, though, by hundreds of small, family-owned businesses, many that are sub-suppliers and service-providers to automotive suppliers, medical device manufacturers, makers of recreational vehicles (RVs), and others. These and many family-owned restaurants and retail establishments, healthcare providers, professionals, and other small businesses not only contribute significantly to the economy, they provide a desirable quality of life.


More than 80% of all business establishments in Noble County employ fewer than 20 people, giving "family" meaning both at home and at work.  Noble County's small towns, small businesses, beautiful countryside (with more 1,000 acre farms than any other county in the region) make way for residents to put in an honest day's work and be rejuvenated by nature and community when the work day ends. This is the lifestyle awaiting all who choose to "Live Noble".

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